The health and safety of our guests and colleagues is always our highest priority!

In response to pandemic Covid-19 and lockdown we have welcomed the Governement guidelines on protecting ourselves and others and we have been working hard to implement and adopt new protocols on cleanliness and social-distancing. We are ready to welcome back our guests and guarantee highest safety standards and the best of quality of services.

We established procedures to ensure the regular deep cleaning of the hotel, if you are staying for work or for a vacation, you can always stay safe and enjoy your stay using our guidelines.

Specifically, OUR GUIDELINES:

- All our employees are well-trained on anti-contagion regulations.

- We will continue to explore and make use of digital technology so that we can provide a seamless service whilst respecting social distancing requirements at all times. (in any case, at check in time, a simple visual verification of the identity document by the Reception staff will be necessary).

– As an additional precaution, we could ask Guests to undergo a temperature-check upon arrival. The manager can prevent access when temperature exceeds > 37.5 °C.

- Employees will be temperature screened before starting work.

- Handwashing facilities, as well as alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and strict guidance on regular hand washing throughout the day, are available to everybody in the hotel.

- Masks and individual safety devices are available to all guests and staff.

- Additional antibacterial disinfectant products and a special sanitizer, certified by the Ministry of Health, are available in the hotel and will be regularly used throughout the day to ensure surfaces are clean to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

- We doubled the frequency of sanitizing the filters of the air conditioners in the common areas and bedrooms.

- We have established specific measures to protect against Covid-19, each room will undergo a deep cleaning and will be sanitized with a specific disinfectant.

- A specific sanitization with a germicidal UV-C and Ozone lamp (which eliminates 99.99% of viruses and bacteria) will be carried out, both in bathroom and in bedroom, prior to accommodate a new guest.

- We offer the highest standards for bed linens and towels in collaboration with our partner, the Baccini Laundry, that always guarantees a certification for an accurate washing of all linen by sanitizing those in full compliance with OMS guidelines.

- To ensure social distancing, the potential occupancy level of the facility has been reduced.

- Tables in the breakfast hall are numbered and spaced as per the security protocols. The buffet service is suspended but we’ll serve breakfast at the table, without any danger and maintaining the possibility to consume fresh products.

Our slogan is “We are Safe” and our concept of safety, well-being and health is based on these guidelines, specifically designed to make your stay safe and relaxing, to make you feel, once again, welcomed into a warm, comfortable and constantly sanitized environments.